D+R Lathian

D+R Lathian is a healthcare marketing firm that specializes in developing multichannel campaigns for healthcare brands in all life cycle stages. D+R differentiates its custom-designed tactics so healthcare providers engage more and appreciate the quality of the tactic. These tactics include interactive email, retention mail, KOL learning modules, sales rep video campaigns, and a powerful engagement platform.

Tony Stanziano and the Peapack Private team helped our company transition our line of credit (LOC) from another bank to benefit from better interest gains and excellent client service. Our VP of Finance worked closely with Tony on the LOC and stressed how proactive, informative, and thorough he was throughout the process. Tony and his team also helped with my personal home refinance. For over 10 years now, Tony has been my go-to guy and has not only remained my banker but has also become my friend. He provides his clients with incredible service and an honest and caring approach, which doesn't go unnoticed. This relationship with Peapack Private is a new one to me and our business, but with Tony on the team, it already feels like we're part of the family.

David Schoonmaker, Cofounding Partner