Prism Capital Partners

We needed support for a very unique and complex energy financing, and we were looking for a partner that was willing to spend the time to get into the weeds to fully understand it. We were referred to Peapack-Gladstone Bank from a mutual connection, and we could not be happier. Bill Gascoigne and Mike Buczynski, along with other team members, were instrumental in gaining our confidence.They really spent time with Prism getting to know our business and understanding how the complex interrelationships of a multi-offtake co-hybrid power plant operated. We can happily say that in 2022, with their help, we were able to play a significant role in one of the largest real estate development projects in the State of New Jersey.
Eugene R. Diaz, Principal

Prism Capital Partners, LLC is one of the largest privately held full-service real estate development and investment firms in the State of New Jersey. They have a long list of marquis projects across varied asset classes, including office/research, academic and multifamily properties. Their projects have consistently set the bar in terms of quality and vision that others have followed.

William Gascoigne, Senior Managing Director, Professional Services Group

Michael Buczynski, Managing Director, Commercial Banking Associate