Gindi Equities

Gindi Equities was founded in 2020 by Raymond and Al Gindi as an opportunistic investment platform to acquire multifamily assets that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through value-added execution strategies. Gindi Equities is built on the strength and experience of its principals, drawing on decades of market expertise, strategic relationships, and a world-class reputation to source and vet acquisition opportunities. The Gindi family's experience spans a global portfolio of 6.5M SF managed by the family office of the Gindi family, ASG Equities. The Gindi family is more broadly known for founding and operating the internationally recognized Century 21 Stores NYC retail brand.

Working with Peapack Private and our client relationship manager, James Foti, has been an absolute pleasure. Most banks in recent years have become more rigid in their business practices, which often causes them to not be able to help a business owner when they actually need it. Peapack Private is a refreshing alternative as it is a true relationship bank that goes the extra mile to understand and facilitate your business plan. James uses a commonsense big-picture approach to looking at deals and is able to help us by pivoting through issues as they arise. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with James and Peapack Private.

Al Gindi, President