Avpro, Inc.

Avpro, Inc., based out of Annapolis, Maryland, is a business aircraft company that specializes in acquisition, brokerage and advisory services for clients who are looking to buy, sell and trade new and pre-owned corporate aircraft, and routinely transacts 100 aircraft per year, worth more than one billion dollars.

Dennis Magarro, Private Banker, Peapack Capital

What a pleasure it has been working with Dennis Magarro and his team at Peapack Capital. We have been in the corporate aircraft business for over 30 years and have had relationships with most of the world's largest financial institutions. From our initial discussions with Peapack Capital, they differentiated themselves from the rest of the lenders. Their desire and willingness to understand our business and our unique requirements really sets them apart. We view a relationship with a lender as we would a relationship with a customer—it must work for both parties. In addition to completing two resale transactions, we were able to introduce Peapack Capital to a retail financing opportunity which they completed, all within the first sixty days of our relationship. Peapack Capital is becoming a great financing partner, and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.
Don Bass, President and Managing Partner